Flash Lite MIDI Composer

While watching college football yesterday, I came up with this simple idea for a Flash Lite experiment.


So I opened up Photoshop, and started making the layouts.


One day later, this is what I got. (Note: The notes sound is screwed when not run through the phone or emulator. I only enable teeth number 1 here, just for a preview.)


To use, click on the teeth 12 times.



The idea is to enable you to compose a MIDI (if you have the application on your phone), and allow you to send it to someone else through the MIDI creator service I put up on the server. Also I decided to use smiley teeth instead of regular piano to make it more fun (At least that is what I hoped for).


Here is one of my favourite songs I created through the application.


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Random Abstract Animation

Random animations have always caught my eyes. They look chaotic and yet very nice to see.


Today, my old bookmarks lead me to this amazing works of the experts.


So I got inspired to try making one for myself.


Here it is:



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Flex 2 Sample - Flag IQ

Flag IQ is a simple Flex 2 quiz application to test your knowledge of national flags around the world.


This simple application is a good example for people who are new to Flex 2 since it utilizes some of the most basic, yet essential part in understanding Flex 2 such as:

1. Data Binding

2. E4X

3. FlashVars

4. States


Here is a preview of the application:



Right click and choose “View Source” to download the source code.


Drop me a line or two if you find this useful.


Credit for the nice images: http://www.famfamfam.com


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