Matching the Design by Bringing Window Transparency Down

Matching the design has always been a hassle to me. The method that I used to use was either to put the design in the background or to take a snapshot of the developed version, put it in Photoshop, bring the transparency down and repeat the cycle again if they do not match closely enough.


Recently, I developed a Flash project with thousands of assets that are resizable and positionable through XML. Even with the aid of XRAY debugging tool, the production people are still taking a long time to position those assets right. Understandable.


As deadlines are approaching, I began thinking about a way to speed up the process a little bit. So I advised them to find a tool that can bring a window transparency down. That will at least reduce 1 step from the cycle.


What they found is Afloat, a tool for Mac that do exactly that.


If you are on a PC, PowerMenu, is the one to use.


I, personally have not even installed any of those at the time this post is writen. However, the production people are saying that it helps a lot.


Might be worth while to check it out. Will help prevent designers from suffering heart attacts when looking at the developed version.