Semapedia English-Bahasa Indonesia Translation

I promised my friend Stan, at to do an English - Bahasa Indonesia translation of the site a couple of weeks ago (we utilize this software called poEdit). I finally got it done today. Why it took me a while is partly because I was really hectic. However, I think the biggest reason is that doing translation is not as easy as I initially imagined. There are words that you can’t just do a direct translation because it does not make sense, legal terms that sounds like German to me, and stuff like that. Well, I am glad I finally got it done, because I would feel really bad otherwise.


Check out the Bahasa Indonesia version of Yes if there happens to be people who understand Bahasa Indonesia and found a mistake in my translation, do let me know.


Oh yes, if you are left wondering what Semapedia is, it is a pretty cool tool utilizing the ‘QR Codes’ technology, and Wikipedia to tag the real physical world. Then if you happen to see any of this tags, you can use your cellphone to read it. (obviously you need the reader software installed to your cellphone first)


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