Linux Flash Player

For the first time in a year I boot up my Linux box (I am setting up an SMS gateway and I hope to write a tutorial on this when I have more time) and finally got the chance to experience first hand the prowess of the Linux Flash Player version. I must say that I am very impressed with it.


Everything works very well (including sound too), except for the slowness. However, it is expected since the box is not very new (366 MHz Pentium II with a 64 MB RAM).


It is just amazing how multimedia and multiplatform Flash is now. All I can say is, developing interactive projects to reach a large number of audience has never been easier. Even hackers and uber geeks (at least that is the stereotype in my mind that Linux/Unix users are hackers and geeks) can now finally have a little more fun visiting a more visual and interactive sites.


To install the player, download it from here. Then just follow the steps there. If none of the steps work, you can manually copy the file “” to “/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/” or whereever your mozilla plugins directory is.


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