The World is Going Simpson

Check out the Simpsonizeme site. It is a very2 entertaining site where you can make a Simpson character out of your picture.


It is so entertaining that the whole company is going Simpson.


“The King” Simpson_King
“Scott” Simpson_Scott
“Jeff” Simpson_Jeff
“Stewart” Simpson_Stewart
“Mat” Simpson_Mat
“Manav” Simpson_Manav
“This is me” Simpson_Teguh


Site might currently be bogged down though. We have close to 1 million visitors just today. It is what I call “SIMPSONITY”.


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The FWA 2

On my first FWA winning project, I was pretty much cluelez as to what is the FWA. I did not know about, and a friend of mine was actually the one who told me that the project I worked on was in it. I did not realize that it is actually super awesome to be able to get into


This time around I am beyond stoked that the project I worked on while asleep and awake, have also been selected for the FWA award.


Feel very fortunate to be surrounded by some bad ass people.


The FWA Volkswagen of America Snapshot


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PngPong and RubyAMF

Exactly one year ago from today, I moved to Miami to take on a new job. I did not know what to expect at that time. Today, I look back and realize that I have met some crazy people who write code when they are awake and think about code in their dreams.


One guy called Larry, who worked on the same project with me, got so fed up with PNG not showing up properly in IE that he created the PngPong script. It is very easy to use and you definitely should check it out.


Another guy called Aaron. He is obsessed with Remoting that he decided to write RubyAMF. It is also very easy to use and you definitely should check it out.


What a place. Full of obsessed people! Weirdo too. (Shaking my head)


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Semapedia English-Bahasa Indonesia Translation

I promised my friend Stan, at to do an English - Bahasa Indonesia translation of the site a couple of weeks ago (we utilize this software called poEdit). I finally got it done today. Why it took me a while is partly because I was really hectic. However, I think the biggest reason is that doing translation is not as easy as I initially imagined. There are words that you can’t just do a direct translation because it does not make sense, legal terms that sounds like German to me, and stuff like that. Well, I am glad I finally got it done, because I would feel really bad otherwise.


Check out the Bahasa Indonesia version of Yes if there happens to be people who understand Bahasa Indonesia and found a mistake in my translation, do let me know.


Oh yes, if you are left wondering what Semapedia is, it is a pretty cool tool utilizing the ‘QR Codes’ technology, and Wikipedia to tag the real physical world. Then if you happen to see any of this tags, you can use your cellphone to read it. (obviously you need the reader software installed to your cellphone first)


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Happy New Year 2007 & Peace to the World

2006 has been a great year for me, and hopefully for many of you too.


Being one of the first 3 developers to join Crispin, it is just amazing to see how much our interactive department have grown in less than a year.


I am really excited to see what 2007 will bring.


Here is a drawing drawn for me by my team-mate Jordi Martinez.


World Peace 2007


Wish you all a happy new year 2007 and “Peace to the World”!!!


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December Snow

It has been a busy past couple of weeks for me, racing to finish up a really big and cool project that is launching in a few weeks. So I would imagine that it will get even busier for me the next couple of weeks.


Last week I spent a week in snowy Boulder to meet up with the Boulder team. Great times I had over there, and it was definitely so much fun working with the Boulder team as everyone really works as a team.


The only bad thing during that trip was when my rental car GPS system failed to work when I need it the most, i.e. on my way back to the airport. Probably because of the weather. I ended up having to stop at a pump station to ask for direction and rely heavily on Google Maps.


Tomorrow I will be flying to Milwaukee for a couple of days to meet up with the team there. Going to be an intense couple of days finishing up a major section of the project, but I am sure I will have a great time just like any of my other trips.


I guess the moral of the story is, “It is not easy working with different people in different places”. However, where you work is not what matters. As long as you follow the formula below, I am sure the project will be a success.


if (loveTheTeam && lowEgoEmission) {
} else {


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Guest Speaker at the University of Miami - School of Communications

Today, I had the privilege of speaking as a guest speaker for an Actionscript course at the University of Miami - School of Communications.


The session was not so much into technical stuff. It was more about an overview of the capabilities of Flash/Flash Lite/Flex, what it takes to get into the industry, what life is like working in the industry, and how the process work from concepting/ideas to production and launching.


Initially I was kind of concerned that I won’t have enough materials to talk about for 1.5 hours, but I felt that it ended up great. I also pulled up some of the projects that we have done just to show them the kind of work we are doing, and I think that everyone was really liking it, asking lots of questions like how we built it and stuff.


I also got a tour of the whole facility and learning new stuff along the way. They showed me how they do radio broadcasting, tv broadcasting and some other stuff, which I have never done before.


Like most people do, I ended up the session by giving out business cards, hoping to get some qualified people on board.


Overall, I had a great time and the trip was a blast. I am so glad that they invited me over. I would think that it won’t be the last time, but a beginning of more.



A Walk Through of My Work Place in An Entertaining Way

These are some frigin’ funny YouTube videos from one of the episodes of the “The Simple Life” reality TV show, starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.


In this episode, they were interns to do “The Enormous” marketing campaign for Burger King.


Not only is the episode frigin’ funny, but it is also frigin’ cool, in the sense that part of it was shot at my work place. So in case anyone out there is curious to see how my work place look like, do take a look at these videos (Part 1, starting at minute 4:20 is where it was shot at my work place).


The Simple Life: Interns; Burger King part. 1

The Simple Life: Interns; Burger King part. 2

The Simple Life: Interns; Burger King part. 3


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Circle of Brains

I am sure almost everyone knows the term “The Rich Get Richer”.


What about “The Smart Get Smarter”? Not a very common term is it?


I have come to realize that smart people normally are surrounded by a group of other smart people. Take for example the world of Macromedia, also known as Adobe now. The industry experts normally know others that are also experts, and they constantly exchange information among one another.


There are a couple of times where I sent emails to some of the experts out there, and got no response. People might be busy, but I feel that being an unknown might also take a big part in me not getting any response.


So in an attempt to get into that “Circle of Brains”, Aaron Smith, my office mate, and I have been geeking out a lot lately. Check out Aaron’s blog for cool stuff.


BTW, Aaron was born from the ashes of metal.


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I have not been writing for a while because I have been screwed with projects.


However, somebody pointed me to The FWA website last week, and one of the projects where I spent most of my time doing was in it.

Here is a snapshot of the site with the project I was involved in, circled in red.


The FWA Jetta Configurator Snapshot


It is such a great feeling that people actually like the project.


Many shell scripts, JSFL, Photoshop scripts, and other automation techniques later, it is still by far the most time consuming project I have ever been involved in.


Kudos to everyone involved.


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